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Understanding Blockchain and the Implications for Financial Professionals

The impact of blockchain technology has far reaching implications for treasury and finance functions. Hear a high-level overview of the strategic and disruptive implications of blockchains and walk away with a fundamental understanding of this technology to help you better evaluate proposals for future blockchain projects. Academic and industry experts provide an introduction to distributed ledger technology (blockchains) to help attendees understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the financial professional, as this technology proliferates.

George Giaglis, Director, Institute for the Future, University of Nicosia

Marwan Forzley, CEO, Veem

Federal Reserve's Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System

The Federal Reserve's Faster and Secure Payments Task Forces includes nearly 500 payment system stakeholders who have joined forces to improve the U.S. payment system. The Task Force recently published their final report highlighting their assessment of faster payments solution proposals and the challenges, opportunities and recommended next steps in making real-time payments a reality in the United States. Explore the prospect of future changes and the implications of upcoming projects for improving America's payments ecosystem in this riveting discussion that payments practitioners should not miss.

Sean Rodriguez, CCM, Senior Vice President, Faster Payments Strategy Leader, Federal Reserve System

A T-Mobile Case Study: Two Years After the Creation of Provisional Credit without Smart Safes

In contrast to a traditional deposit where credit is given by the bank when cash is received and counted, smart safes allows for provisional credit and customer use of funds based on store deposit information created in DTS Connex. With nearly two years of experience using provisional credit without smart safes, representatives from T-Mobile provide an analysis on how implementing this bank product changed their daily cash forecasting procedures, helped improve cash management, and presented opportunities to reduce the expense of cash deposits. Building on last year’s popular presentation, take a deeper dive into cash forecasting, as well as how to best take advantage of and implement provisional credit in this session.

Susan Colross, Director, Treasury Operations, T-Mobile USA Inc.

Jason Ishiguro, Treasury Manager, T-Mobile USA Inc.

Peter Faas, Vice President, SunTrust Bank

Jason Stambaugh, Director of Partner Experience, DTS Connex

Are Cybersecurity Concerns Keeping You Up at Night?

Cybercrime is a top concern for treasury practitioners. The 2016 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey found that 73% of treasury and finance professionals reported their company fell victim to payment fraud in 2015 — up from 62% in 2014. New innovations in cybersecurity occur seemingly daily, lulling us into a false sense of protection. Don’t be fooled: the threat remains very real. Gain a clearer understanding of the most pressing cybersecurity issues facing treasury today and the mitigation strategies being deployed to address these threats in this critical session.

Jess Brown, CTP, Director of Finance, RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.

Mary Guzman, SVP & Infomation Security Practice Leader, McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.

Armond Cagler, Vice President, G2S Global

Planning, Business Simulation and Analytics at the Speed of Thought

How do you move away from an inefficient planning and reporting process, a highly-fragmented technology platform, and dependence on offline Excel models? Navistar, a leading global manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines, transformed their core modeling and planning processes and redesigned their technology platform. Their journey took them through a revamp and simplification of their allocation process and profitability models, an enhanced Price Volume Mix (PVM) analysis, implementation of purpose-built planning applications and more. Attend this session to discover best practices from Navistar's achievement, and how they overcame challenges along the way.

Mohammad Safdar Mahmood, Director Finance, Navistar

Philip Peck, Vice President - Advisory Services & Finance Transformation, PELOTON GROUP

The Convergence of Health and Wealth using HSAs

In today's evolving healthcare market, regulatory requirements, new technologies and varying payment methods are driving service providers to respond with expanded solution sets. One industry vehicle that is growing in response to this need is the Health Savings Account (HSA), an option for organizations to provide their employees with a simplified approach to manage their health care costs while accumulating wealth with tax-advantaged accounts. This session explores ways to tie emerging payment and information-sharing technologies together to serve the healthcare space, with results that better serve the organization’s constituency.

Todd Berkley, Global Leader - BenefitWallet, Conduent

Kathryn Mertes, Vice President, BNY Mellon

Centralization: The Key to Managing Global Growth

Successful international growth brings distinct challenges like the fragmentation of key processes across geographies. Most corporates respond by establishing regional treasury centers to centralize low volume, high value treasury activities. Some go further, acting as an in-house bank towards subsidiaries with respect to treasury transactions such as loans, deposits and FX. An expert panel featuring two large multinational companies, Ingram Micro and FIS, who both have global treasury activities walk you through their evaluation and centralization process, identifying what their priorities were and the crucial differences between the commonest choices.

Erik Smolders, Vice President & Treasurer, Ingram Micro Inc.

Ken Shuyama, CTP, Vice President, International Treasury, FIS

Laurens Tijdhof, Partner, Zanders

Keith Bergman, Director, Zanders US, Inc.

Leveraging Payment Analytics to Reduce Costs

As an organization's card and alternative payments grow, so do the costs, complexity, risk and amount of data. By consolidating all payments data and creating basic analytics, companies can easily translate months and years of raw payment data into interactive easy-to-use dashboards that convey Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and actionable insights. Attend this panel discussion to hear the firsthand experiences of a few large organizations as to how they implemented and benefited from payment analytics. Topics include: KPIs; chargebacks and fraud management; costs across MIDs, business units and payment tenders; interchange optimization; performance against negotiated contractual thresholds/Tier 6; and customer segmentation based on BIN analysis.

Anand Goel, CEO, Optimized Payments Consulting

Kristen Mills, Project Manager, Payments, Staples, Inc.

Gregory Moore, CTP, Director, Treasury Operations, AutoNation

Beam Me Up: Efficiencies in Payment and Remittance Processing

Payments and remittance processing have long been plagued by inefficiencies and manual handling. Take a detailed look at best-practice solutions that have been introduced in receivables handling for payment and remittances as representatives from Con Edison, Lending Club and J.P. Morgan examine the efficiencies provided by the deployment of Virtual Reference numbers, UPICs, and Receivables Reference numbers to improve straight-through handling. Discover cost savings processes and how deployment has led to the reduction of fraudulent payments as the drive toward e-payment processing continues.

Frank D'Amadeo, Assistant Treasurer, Con Edison

Steven Bernstein, Executive Director, Electronic Payments Market Manager, JP Morgan Chase

Miles Johnson, Assistant Controller II, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Optimizing FX Risk Management Using Options

Currency markets have been characterized lately by rapid spot-trend changes, rising volatility, and increased frequency of tail-events. Such market dynamics reward integrating FX options into a cash flow or economic hedging program. Under what conditions are options more favorable than forward? Does the value proposition differ for developed versus emerging economies’ currencies? What are the best metrics for gauging when options are over/under priced? This session addresses these and other questions to present an objective framework for getting the most bang-for-your-buck out of FX option hedges.

Shan Anwar, Director, FX, Ebay Inc.

Julie Bennett, Senior Vice President, Head of Thought Leadership, Americas, HSBC Bank USA, NA

Fallen Angels: How To Manage a Decline in Credit Quality and Its Related Implications

Cyclical business conditions can lead to a dramatic decline in credit/balance sheet strength. After terminating a proposed inversion merger in mid-2016, CF Industries went through several rounds of negotiations with lenders and fixed-income investors to amend and restructure its liquidity facilities and $1 billion of private placement notes in response to deteriorating conditions in the agricultural commodity market. Discover how disclosure requirements and audit-opinion considerations impact timing decisions for communicating with rating agencies and lender negotiations, and acquire a framework for coordinating board and senior executive input on covenant structures in this strategic session.

Daniel Swenson, Vice President, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary, CF Industries

Blockchain Truth: Standards and Promises

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, is at the heart of a new wave of innovation promising to create new efficiencies by creating a shared, updateable, and fully auditable “truth” of transactions without a central authority. This panel discussion features industry experts who will define the technology and explain how it is being applied today, its biggest payoffs — and its limits. They’ll examine the potential implications of blockchain technology for corporate practitioners, delve into the debate and consensus about how the technology can be implemented, and explore its state of standards.

Rene Peralta, Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Guy Berg, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank Minneapolis

Matthew Loos, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services

Bertrand Portier, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Boardroom-Ready Presentations

Visually-appealing presentations greatly increase your ability to communicate effectively. When presenting the results of your analysis to a room full of executives, don’t just copy spreadsheets onto slides: create visuals that communicate key messages of the decision-making process in a memorable way. Join us for this session and get ready to walk away with a new skill set. Experience dynamic and effective visuals you too can create in Excel and PowerPoint. Discover how to select the best visuals for communicating common messages from analysis and gain practical ideas you can take back to the office.

Dave Paradi, Owner,

Worldly Women: An International Treasury Career Dialogue

How can women make greater strides in achieving career advancement in finance, and what can management do to engage this critical segment of the workforce? In this session, three corporate practitioners with more than 60 years of treasury and international cash management experience combined, share their insights on women’s ever-changing path to career success, the challenges encountered during various stages of their careers, and what employers can do to attract and retain women in finance.

Suzanne Ferrara, CTP, Senior Vice President, PNC Bank

Louise McDonnell, Vice President, International Advisory Team, PNC

Tali Weisberg, CTP, Assistant Treasurer, Houghton International Inc.

Tricia Kelly, CTP, Director, Global Cash Management and Compliance, McDonald's Corporation

Loan Agreement Fundamentals and Best Practices

Loan agreements and related security documents can be hundreds of pages long, with lots of fish hooks buried in them, making it hard for a borrower’s treasury team to know where to focus its review. Walk through a typical loan agreement, and gain an overview of customary representations and warranties, affirmative and negative covenants and events of default in this informative session. Attendees gain best practices for negotiating credit facilities and a checklist designed to assist with achieving ongoing compliance with often complex loan documentation.

Kimberly MacLeod, Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP

Hillary Patterson, Counsel, Hunton & Williams LLP

Diving into Disruption: Leveraging Fintech to Optimize your Invoice-to-Cash Cycle

The digital shift has happened and the need to dive into new technologies to automate the invoice-to-cash cycle is now. Increasing customer expectations and the demand for account receivable departments to do more with less has propelled companies to focus on effective solutions to get paid faster and make customers happy. In this case study, hear first-hand how InvenTrust Properties, a leading real estate investment trust successfully leveraged FinTech to automate their accounts receivable process. Attendees are taken on a journey from what a typical AR process looked like five years ago to what it looks like today: digital presentment, automated reconciliation, faster payments, portal functionality and happier customers.

Erasmo Pacheco, CTP, Director of Treasury, InvenTrust Properties Corp.

European Treasury Landscape: Ripe for Change?

Multi-national corporates manage treasury activity in Europe through different models – optimized for their unique commercial and financial needs. Europe is on the verge of significant regulatory change that may impact commercial structures, with potential knock-on effects to treasury. This session analyzes five significant changes making headlines in Europe across politics, tax and regulation to provide attendees with a framework to identify the implications to European treasury models.

Joseph Mauro, CTP, Head of Market Management for Corporates, Deutsche Bank

Stacey Desrochers, CTP, Treasurer, Bruker Corporation

Dennis Hewitt, Treasurer, Omnicom Group Inc.

Karen Harwick, CTP, Assistant Treasurer, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

The New Paradigm: Lean Regional Treasury Centers and their Back Office - The Multinational Bank

Managing a $5 billion treasury operation requires multinational banking partners that are capable and responsive, as well as a highly efficient “back office.” Whether it’s the rollout of new products, additional credit requirements, or leveraging a company’s own treasury data, putting Treasury in a position to advance strategic priorities translates into success. Join in the discussion to gain insight into the new paradigm of the Lean Regional Treasury Center in a global context.

Parimal Hemkar, Director, Citi

Kelli Kandow, Director - Global Subsidiaries Group, Citi

James Krikorian, Regional Treasury Manager, Electrolux North America, Inc.

Kathleen A. Zevola, Assistant Treasurer, Sun Chemical Corporation

Managing Successful Projects: The CFO Perspective

Due to constrained resources and the growing rate of technological change, treasury and finance professionals are increasingly being asked to step out of their daily roles to serve as project managers and/or project team members. Brush up on your project management skills with this informative session. Review project management best practices and common pitfalls experienced through each phase of a project and walk away with new skills and insight for establishing project goals, obtaining buy-in from internal and external stakeholders, setting up communication processes, and managing project turbulence while bringing the project to a successful completion.

Steve Phillips, CTP, FP&A, PMP, Assistant Treasurer, AZZ Inc.

Predictive KPIs: The Future of Corporate FP&A Success

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are valuable in monitoring and measuring performance to enable focused execution and development of corporate strategy. As a cloud vendor, Oracle requires a unique set of predictive KPIs to measure and monitor its performance, ranging from bookings and renewal rates to demand and billing schedules. Hear how Oracle builds and utilizes predictive KPIs within the technology sector that can be applied across all industries and markets. Attendees will learn how to identify short-and long-term predictive KPIs that matter; how to report on those KPIs to provide insightful, actionable information; and why predictive KPIs are becoming essential building blocks to corporate FP&A success.

Matt Stirrup, Vice President Finance, Global Customer Support Services and Corp FP&A, Oracle Corporation

Richard Meza, Chief Financial Officer, San Diego Tourism Authority

Proven Partnering Practices to Address the Challenges of an Ever Evolving Defined Contribution World

Two heads are better than one, right? Or, in some cases, it may be two areas of expertise. Underpinning many successful 401(k) Programs are harmonious partnerships between finance and human resource teams. Learn what has worked to drive results for some of the top 401(k) plans and ideas for continued partnerships in the ever evolving world of Defined Contribution.

Katie Hockenmaier, CIPM, Principal, Mercer

Cash Forecasting: Member Perspectives and Best Practices

Discuss the pitfalls of cash forecasting that many treasury departments experience. We will talk about ways to be proactive in becoming better at sourcing data directly impacting your forecast.

Tom Hunt, CTP, Director of Treasury Services, AFP

John Dourdis, CTP, Vice President & Treasurer, Conair Corporation

Jennifer Dale, CTP, Assistant Treasurer, Sprint

What the Evolving Global Payments Eco-System Will Mean for You

The global payments landscape is being impacted by new technologies, regulation and system modernization, as well as evolving client expectations for a simplified payment experience across all payment types. As a result, payment structures and processes are being redefined as new industry solutions are being introduced to address these evolving needs, including ways to make cross-border payments faster, more transparent and traceable. Attend this panel discussion to review market trends, key initiatives and some practical examples of how innovations in cross-border payments are set to affect your international payments processes in the coming years.

Lynne Marlor, Managing Director, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon

Kevin O'Neil, Regional Account Manager- Corporates, SWIFT

Patricia Newingham, CTP, Director, Global Treasury Operations, Allegheny Technologies Inc.

Lisa Wagner, CCM, Group Manager - Cash Operations, Microsoft Corporation

Real-time Payments: Why Should Corporates Care?

Real-time payments are coming. Infrastructure is currently being put in place that will allow businesses to send and receive payments nearly instantly. But what does this mean for your organization? This forward-looking panel discusses where the industry stands in the development of real-time payments, how corporates can begin to prepare for these changes, the challenges and obstacles companies face in adopting new forms of payment, and how treasurers can integrate solutions as they become available. Gain invaluable insights into current market trends in payments and how these new payment rails will offer greater transparency, certainty, convenience and low cost.

J. Dennis Humble, Director, Treasury Services, Humana Inc.

Irfan Ahmad, VP, Product Development and Strategy, The Clearing House

Kerstin Rubinstein, Sr. Treasury Management Product Manager, Fifth Third Bank

#Disruption: Turning Change into Opportunity in Liquidity Management Practices

Disruption is a hot topic in technology these days, and it isn’t constrained to Silicon Valley; corporations in all sectors must adapt to change, including market dynamics, organizational pressures, and personnel shifts. In periods of broader change, how does a corporation adapt to turn disruption into opportunity? Join executives from Qualcomm and FedEx to discuss how changes from within — and outside of — their companies have revised their approach to risk management, cash segmentation, forecasting and product solutions.

Geoffrey Nolan, Senior Director of Investments, Qualcomm

Rene Bustamante, Staff Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Global Cash Management, FedEx Corporation

Jason Granet, Managing Director - Deputy Head of GSAM Liquidity Solutions, Goldman Sachs Asset Management International

The Return of the Fed: Hedging in a Rising Rate Environment

The day has finally come for corporate treasury to manage a hawkish Fed, and companies continue to search for the best strategies to mitigate the risk of rising rates. Join our panelists spanning across multiple industries as they discuss the internal process of setting a strategy, best practices for implementing hedging tools, and accounting treatment of interest rate derivatives.

Jeff Fender, Vice President & Treasurer, Performance Food Group

Nate Speicher, Vice President & Treasurer, PPD

Tony Haramis, Vice President, Finance & Accounting, CPV

Amol Dhargalkar, Managing Director, Chatham Financial

When Average is Awesome: How GoDaddy Used Average Rate Forwards to Protect Revenues and Cash

Sales made through GoDaddy’s website are paid for with 43 different currencies. The volatility in converting these currencies to USD creates the risk that the company might not meet forecasted revenues and cash flow guidance. In order to address this exposure, GoDaddy and their partners worked to develop a hedging program. Because revenues are collected 24/7, the company decided that forward settling at an average of each month’s rate was the best approach. Attend this session to hear about the hurdles GoDaddy overcame to launch this program and walk away with best practices for your company’s current or future hedging program.

Erin O'Shea, Treasurer,

Late, Great Commercial Card: How Virtual Technology is Transforming Procurement, Payment and Reporting

The end of the corporate purchasing card era is looming. Business transactions — from buying, to expensing, to reporting — is about to become a seamless virtual experience that is both more secure and more efficient. In this session, representatives from U.S. Bank and Chrome River Expense Management look ahead to a card-less future where expense reporting happens automatically and the risk of fraud and misuse is nonexistent.

Bradley Matthews, SVP, Head of Middle Market Product and Marketing, U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems

Ted Stavropoulos, Director, Partner Channel Development, Chrome River Technologies

Mary Hayat, Director, Accounting Operations & Facilities, Dealer Tire

Asset-Based Credit Agreements: Common Provisions and Compliance Challenges

When negotiating a credit agreement, several factors, including the borrower's risk profile or credit ratings, impact the breadth of the affirmative, negative and financial covenants imposed on the borrower. But some of the most burdensome credit agreements are asset-based lending (ABL) credit agreements. Attendees gain a better understanding of the basics of ABL credit agreements, including common provisions and pitfalls, and to discover best practices for borrowers to comply with the complex provisions of ABL credit facilities.

Kimberly MacLeod, Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP

Ann Watkins, Department Manager, Financial Ops & Payments, Mercedes-Benz USA

Hillary Patterson, Counsel, Hunton & Williams LLP

The Reimagined Digital Experience

Reimagine your customers' journey by enabling digital capabilities that unlock new and improved consumer experiences and business practices. We've moved from "mobile first" to the era of "mobile forward". Mobile, digital and the Internet of Things applications are the platforms of the future. Financial managers benefit from understanding the differences that influence digital customer experience. In this session you'll learn how to reimagine the client journey with your organization's treasury management group at the design table. Using examples from mobile forward companies in entertainment, grocery, petroleum and retail, we'll illustrate how digital helps drive sales and manager costs, and how finance should prepare for this future. You'll learn: Indicators of success to consider when making your digital go/no-go decision, including areas of cost and fraud reduction. Can on-demand commerce influence your bottom line? The benefits of digital -- the power of Bluetooth, gyroscope, GPS location, geofencing and tracking sensors. Design for cash management, forecasting, and invisible payments.

Ameesh Paleja, Co-Founder & CEO, Atom Tickets

Matthew Bakal, Co-Founder + Chairman, Atom Tickets

Teresa Walker, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan

Fintech & Millennials: The Perfect Storm

As millennials continue their rise to positions of leadership, the pace of innovation in financial technology will advance exponentially. While progress has been most evident in the consumer market so far, financial professionals in the corporate market can expect to see evidence of a millennial impact soon. The confluence of fintech and millennials will result in a new layer of technology dictated by the millennial push for an improved user experience and fintech’s incorporation of machine-learning capabilities. Gain an understanding of the role of fintech in a corporate setting and how millennials are accelerating its adoption in this timely session.

Carlos Vega, CEO & Co-Founder, Tesorio, Inc.

Brian Orr, Senior Manager of Treasury, Instructure

Building a New Commerce and Payments Ecosystem

Faster payments initiatives, digital currency and ISO 20022 are all trying to catch up to the growing demand for a simpler way to do business. Companies can no longer afford to be mired in processes and systems operating on technology and frameworks that were designed decades ago. Innovators in the space of digital currency and payment ecosystems will share their insights and experience on this transformational new way business will be conducted.

Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director, Chief Strategy Officer, Hub Culture

Caitlin Long, Chairman & President, Symbiont

Leilani Doyle, SVP Product Management, US Dataworks

The New U.S. Trading Hub for Chinese Renminbi: Opportunities for Corporations

The People’s Bank of China announced late last year that it had awarded the Bank of China New York branch clearing bank status for the new U.S. Renminbi (RMB) Trading and Clearing Hub. The U.S. joins several other financial centers that have been awarded this status, including Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Australia and Germany. U.S. corporates can now enjoy the same potential cost savings as their European and Asian competitors while continuing to deal with their relationship banking group. This session demystifies the process and examines the opportunities and required steps to take advantage of the new U.S. RMB Trading and Clearing Hub.

Alison Fletcher, FX and Economics Market Specialist, Bloomberg LP

Tom Quaadman, Executive Vice President, Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Frank Sansone, SVP, Treasurer, China Construction Bank

Building a World-class FP&A Department and Designing it for the Future

FP&A plays a central and critical role within the organization. As such there are key initiatives that must be considered in building a new high performing FP&A team. This session provides attendees guidance and strategies for building a FP&A organization; including exposure to tools that show how to strategically structure and build a blueprint for a new or developing department. Attendees walk away with the toolset and framework to plan the evolution of their FP&A department.

Emily Holesinger, Director of FP&A, U.S.Xpress, Inc.

Economic Hedging Under New Hedge Accounting Rules

The new FASB hedge accounting provisions will be adopted soon (estimated to begin January 2018). Simplification and targeted improvements open up opportunities to hedge interest rate, foreign currency and commodity exposures without the earnings volatility that companies experience today. Imperfect cash flow, net investment and fair value hedges will be executed with little to no impact on current earnings. This session illustrates how hedging strategies will change starting in 2018, including FX net investment proxy hedging, pre-issue debt hedging, ignoring interest rate floors in floating rate debt and allowing basis and location differences to be disregarded when hedging commodity risk.

Francesco Tonin, FX Market Specialist, Bloomberg

Garrett Jenks, Director, Global Treasury, Walgreens Boots Alliance

The Deadly Sins of Presenting Numbers: Avoiding Fatal Communication Errors

Make no mistake: correctly presenting numerical information is a skill. Seemingly innocuous errors — misspellings, mispronunciations, usage errors (e.g., it’s vs. its), and nonverbal signals — can have a devastating impact on your effectiveness. Whether you’re in treasury or FP&A, the more senior you are, the higher the stakes. Attend this session and find out which communication errors diminish your effectiveness and credibility — and how to avoid them.

Randall Bolten, CEO, Lucidity

More Than Just Retirement: Creating a Financial Wellness Program

Most financial education for employees centers around saving for retirement through their 401(k). But strong financial habits start early and encompass more than your annual 401(k) contribution limit or company match. Attend this session to hear two companies discuss their financial wellness programs, including how they were implemented and employee response.

Susan Glass, CTP, Assistant Treasurer- Global Cash and Investments, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Roger Gray, Director, Institutional Sales Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Ann Anthony, CTP, Vice President & Treasurer, South Jersey Industries, Inc.

Spanning the Globe: Finding the Right Fit in International Treasury

International treasury management is not one-size-fits-all. Different countries, currencies and economic conditions demand custom solutions and workflows. Join this discussion and explore the complex variables behind international treasury, managing a range of cash management concerns, navigating the maze of compliance and documentation requirements, and implementing receivables and payables practices that maximize capital across diverse markets. Gain innovative strategies to influence your international cash management decision-making and learn how to navigate the ever-changing global treasury space.

Beverly Fowler, CTP, Treasury Manager, Global Cash & Investments, The Lubrizol Corporation

Denise Caruso, CTP, Director, Global Treasury, Pension and Risk Management, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.

Michalegne Borowske, Director, Global Cash Management & Treasury Accounting, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Faster ACH is Here: Taking Advantage of Same-day ACH Debits

Faster ACH payments became a reality in 2016. The next leap forward is set for September 2017, with the introduction of same-day ACH debits. Same-day ACH debits will make for an expedited system of consumer bill payments and other types of consumer debits, and business-to-business payments, and will manage exceptions faster and more efficiently with same-day returns and reversals. This timely session covers the benefits and practical considerations of same-day ACH debit use cases for corporate treasurers and the progress made in the first full year of same-day ACH operation.

Joe Hussey, Executive Director and Chair, NACHA Rules &Operations, J.P. Morgan

Michael Herd, Senior Managing Director, NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association

Tim Dwyer, CTP, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Company

BEC Scams and Mobile Banking Fraud: The Wild, Wild West of Financial Fraud

Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams and mobile banking fraud have become increasingly complex issues. BEC scams are often paired with wire fraud, check fraud, payment diversion, and account takeovers, which can be difficult to identify and have resulted in billions of dollars in losses. Meanwhile, mobile banking fraud includes various forms of double-presentments and is complicating the world of check fraud. Learn from a panel of fraud prevention experts on how to spot common BEC scam scenarios and walk-away with straightforward strategies to protect yourself and your organization from fraud, including check fraud.

Greg Litster, President, SAFEChecks

Preston Hawkins, Vice President, Corporate Finance & Treasurer, Day & Zimmermann, Inc.

Yury Pishchik, Manager of Fraud Prevention and Payments Security, Citizens Bank

Million Dollar Savings: Partnering with your Banks

When Exelon recognized the need to fully understand the services being provided by their cash management banking partners, they turned their focus on their analysis statements and billing relationships. In this session, attendees gain best practices by examining Exelon’s journey through the challenges they experienced in partnering with their banks to execute a project for creating process efficiencies, enhancing risk mitigation, reducing cash management fees, and identifying product areas offered by multiple providers to align services and further reduce fees.

Karen Hotem, CTP, Treasury Operations Manager, Exelon Corporation

Jared Fruland, CTP, Senior Financial Analyst, Exelon Corporation

The Art of the Business Case: How to Win Support for a TMS Project

You’ve done the research: a treasury management system will improve efficiency, controls and cost effectiveness for your organization. Now the challenge begins — convincing senior management and stakeholders. In this presentation, in-depth insights based on actual winning business cases show you how to organize a business case, quantify the value the technology is expected to realize, accurately assess the costs, and present your case in a highly impactful manner. Understand the benefits (and costs) from the perspective of key stakeholders, review examples of benchmarks to help support your case and gain a winning framework for maximizing your chances of arriving at “Yes!”

David Lieber, CPA, CTP, JD, Senior Manager Treasury, Halyard Health

Phillip Capodice, Treasury Practice Manager, Accenture

Navigating Geopolitical Risks and Opportunities

Rising tensions between the U.S. and China, burgeoning populist sentiment in the Anglo-Saxon economies, and the apex of globalization are all part of the paradigm shift taking place in the business environment around the world. A methodological approach to geopolitical analysis has become a must, just like the way businesses use financial analysis to judge the viability of an investment. Using a constraints-based method allows observers of political trends to determine the most probable path for policy, rather than just forecasting possible outcomes. Attend this session to learn how to navigate geopolitical risks and opportunities from the experts.

Marko Papic, Chief Geopolitical Strategist, BCA Research

Disrupting Aging in the Workplace

It’s time to move beyond outdated and limiting beliefs about aging. Americans are living longer, and many will need, or want, to work beyond what was once considered the standard age of retirement. AARP, the nation’s largest organization representing 50-plus Americans, believes the time has come to “disrupt aging.” Join this discussion on how age diversity can improve organizational performance and increase the bottom line through increased retention and enhanced employee engagement and productivity. Accompanying the discussion will be examples of innovative approaches companies are now developing to promote age diversity and inclusion.

Karen Mercer, CTP, SVP and Treasurer, AARP

Aligning Strategy and Execution with Enterprise Performance Management

The role of the modern CFO has expanded to include strategic leadership, organizational transformation, performance management, and capital allocation, resulting in a lack of integration in many companies. To better enable organizational decision-making that aligns strategy and execution, the CEO must approach strategy formulation and performance monitoring as part of an integrated performance management framework. Explore how to utilize an enterprise performance management (EPM) solution to successfully bridge the gap between strategy and execution and systematize business planning and consolidation, profitability management and compliance in this engaging session.

James Perry, Director of EPM Practice Strategy, Infor

Lee Johnston, Vice President - Finance & Corporate Strategy, LT Apparel

Digital Identity: The Cornerstone of Commerce and Transaction

Identity itself is fragmented in terms of its definitions, and in today’s world we are not only worried about identifying humans. We need to understand corporate identity, which obviously has a people component. Digital Identity is fundamental to businesses and consumers alike and plays an increasingly important role in how businesses serve customers better and how businesses manage enterprise risk. In this session Bob Schukai, Global Head of Design, Digital Identity Solutions at Thomson Reuters, discusses innovation and use cases for digital identity for corporate treasury and finance organizations.

Bob Schukai, Global Head of Design, Digital Identity Solutions, Thomson Reuters

The Treasury Triangle: How to Effectively Communicate How Treasury Works to the Business

The Treasury Triangle is a graphical method used to explain the functioning of a standard, global treasury process framework used to optimize the management of cash for the business. It can also be used to effectively communicate how a standard, global framework for treasury can be an important, value-added element to the business. This session takes a deep dive into the three legs of the Treasury Triangle — Treasury Workstation, Operating System and General Ledger — and explores how to build and implement it by outlining the experiences of the head of global treasury at Allianz in creating and implementing the Treasury Triangle concept.

Eric Matheny, CTP, Vice President, Corporate Finance & Treasury, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Meditation and Mindfulness in the Age of Volatility: Essentials for Financial Professionals

In 2017, athletes, artists, CEOs and others are crediting meditation for their ability to perform at high levels. Benefits include increased mental clarity, improved ability to focus, access to deeper insights and reduced stress. In this experiential session, we will invite relaxation with a few simple yoga poses, explore easeful ways to enter meditation and learn ways to cultivate mindfulness throughout the day. The “evenness of mind” you gain from these practices will help you tackle whatever the global markets and life present with greater presence and ease.

Alice Hogan, Founder, Alice Hogan Meditation/Yoga

Facing the Onslaught of Treasury Compliance

Treasury groups are overwhelmed with regulations. First came the onslaught spawned by the financial crisis. Then more regulations were added to address concerns over companies changing their country of domicile, money laundering and terrorism funding, and tax avoidance. The changes are impacting relationships, processes and ultimately, profitability. To manage the onslaught, Treasury must prepare itself through systematic organizational understanding, updated agreements, and the leveraging of new technology. Attend this session to gain a framework on how best to understand, monitor and manage new and developing regulations and the attendant compliance requirements with less pain.

Andrew O'Garro, Vice President, Product Management, Axletree Solutions Inc.

Craig Jeffery, CCM, Founder & Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer, LLC

Scott Lambert, CCM, Treasury Senior Director, Cigna

Analytics: How Advanced Data Modeling Can Make a Captive More Valuable

A captive insurance vehicle is a premier alternative risk finance solution from which thousands of companies of all sizes benefit. Attend this session to find out how analytics are enabling current and potential captive owners to make better decisions as you gain a deeper understanding about: driving down the economic cost of risk with analytical tools and captives; using analytics to identify and quantify the appropriate level of risk to retain, understanding the value that a captive structure can provide when financing retained risk; the types of captives and how analytics and data can be used to inform the way they are structured; and the trends and factors driving the formation of new captives and domiciles.

Clare Whitlam, Managing Director, Marsh

Ellen Charnley, Global Growth Leader, Marsh

Tina Summers, US Consultant, Marsh

Soraya Wright, Founder & CEO, SMW Risk Management Consulting LLC

Brexit: What, When, How?

On June 23, 2016, the U.K. voted to leave the European Union. What will this mean for the future of the U.K.'s relationship with Europe and the rest of the world? This session is a “must” with respect to business continuity planning in corporate treasury around one of the most complex changes in European pass-porting history. Featuring a State of the Union and segueing into practical considerations for all companies moving and managing funds across Europe, attendees will gain geo-political insights and explore the SEPA membership options under different market access models in this cutting-edge session.

Nicola Coyne, Senior Product Manager, Barclays Bank Plc

Peter Gordon, Head of Government Relations, Barclays PLC

Elmer Dispo, CTP, Treasury Manager, Google

Real Finance Transformation in Action

RCI has engaged a fast-paced transformation of its processes to deliver game-changing productivity and lead to a real focus on innovation. Key to their success is the investment focus in their people before technology. By empowering the team to master their data and be efficient at all levels, RCI is triggering wide spread game changing behaviors and has started a true pivoting of its finance team. This informative session provides attendees with a strategic roadmap and lessons learned for driving transformative change within the finance organization.

Francois Peltier, General Manager Open Innovation, RCI Bank and Services

Why the Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional Credential?

In 2014, the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), launched the first global certification for the corporate financial planning and analysis (FP&A) profession. By standardizing global performance competencies, FP&A professionals who earn the certification are recognized for their understanding of complex processes, tools and best practices, and therefore well-positioned to add value to the strategic business decision process at companies, no matter where they are located. In addition to passing a rigorous exam, candidates are required to meet certain education and experience requirements.Hear from FP&A practitioners who have earned the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credential. Learn about why they decided to become certified and the benefits realized to date, what study preparation options they used, and get insights into the knowledge, skills and abilities that are tested on the exam.

Deborah Gallegos, CTP, FP&A, Senior Investment Manager, CSAA Insurance Group

Travis Lockhart, CTP, FP&A, Finance Manager, CALIBRE

Megan Ladd, Certification Specialist, AFP

Jill Bowman, FP&A, Financial Analyst, Pediatric Home Respiratory Services, Inc.

Aligning Fiduciary Duties with Pension Risk Management

Regardless of proposed DOL Fiduciary rule changes, plan sponsors need to align their fiduciary duties with risk management steps to ensure better outcomes for both participants and plan sponsors. There are important fiduciary duties for DC plan sponsors to understand as they help their employees prepare for and manage retirement risk. Attendees gain a high level understanding of their fiduciary duties related to both DB and DC plans, learn about relevant risk management tools and walk away with a firm understanding of the most recent updates to the Fiduciary Rule in this enlightening session.

Russ Proctor, FSA, CFA, FCA, EA, MAAA, Director - Retirement Solutions Division, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Marty Menin, Director, Retirement Solutions Division, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Mark Simons, Counsel, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Do RFPs Give You the Blues?

Treasurers conduct an RFP for cash management services to improve pricing, learn about service capabilities, and ultimately choose the ideal partner for their growing business. Learn how this panel of treasurers and experts get the most out of an RFP process by taking a structured approach, developing a detailed project plan, checklists, defining stakeholders and creating a cross-functional internal team. Your next RFP doesn’t have to give you the blues.

Michelle Fabela, Treasury Manager, Nordstrom, Inc.

Daniel Fleming, Assistant Treasurer, Nordstrom, Inc.

Brook Ballard, Assistant Director-Treasury Operations, AIG

Bridget Meyer, Senior Director, Redbridge DTA

Can We Pay You Now? Verizon's ACH Journey

When Verizon set out to optimize its use of electronic payments, it opened doors to evaluating its business, providers, and future strategic initiatives. Join us for an informative case study where we explore the practice of evaluating and implementing a new ACH provider. Attendees learn about best practices, as well as pitfalls encountered during the process and gain practical tips, such as getting your IT and operations staff onboard and how to leverage today in your payments business. In addition, representatives from Verizon share their outlook on payments in the consumer space, including the impact of same-day ACH.

Michelle Ziolkowski, CTP, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Payables, Treasury Management, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Charles Ellert, PMP, Head of Payments Strategy, Verizon Communications, Inc.

U.S. Payment Trends: What the 2016 Federal Reserve Payment Study Tells Us

In our evolving and multi-faceted payment system, newly released findings from the 2016 Federal Reserve Payments Study provide a snapshot of retail non-cash payment usage and fraud losses in the U.S. Discover how quickly consumers and businesses are abandoning checks in favor of electronic payment methods. Using highlights and a data comparison from this unique series of surveys, attendees gain a better understanding of the key trends in card usage and the growing fraud trends that currently exist.

Guy Berg, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank Minneapolis

Terry Crawford, CTP, Senior Vice President & Treasurer, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

John Dourdis, CTP, Vice President & Treasurer, Conair Corporation

Cross-Border Digital Commerce: Positioning for Payments Success Globally

Digital commerce is hot, and cross-border digital commerce is even more so. Merchants are eager to tap into a broader market — perhaps even global — and its even greater potential to lift sales. However, high costs and the barriers to entry inherent in cross-border transactions may appear overwhelming. In this session, panelists examine how cross-border digital commerce is better, worse, and uglier than domestic digital commerce and how merchants can potentially take a platform that has been successful at home and translate it into success in other markets.

Beth Costa, Partner, Oliver Wyman

Colleen Lindow, VP, Strategic Partners & Account Management,, Inc.

Treasury Transformation: The Evolution of the Treasurer's Role

Globalization and the expansion of technology, a worldwide financial crisis and regulatory reform … These trends and others have ushered in a new century, ripe with risk and uncertainty, as well as opportunity. No longer strictly bound by the parameters of transaction processing and daily cash operations, leading treasury organizations can lend critical insights into finance and risk issues, thus helping their organizations achieve success with their strategic, business and financial objectives. Join us for this session to learn more about opportunities for treasury to evolve in your organization.

Jeffrey Williams, CTP, Senior Director, American Tower

Davide di Gennaro, CTP, Director, Treasury Advisory Services, PwC

Colleen Ostrowski, SVP and Treasurer, Visa

Fred Schacknies, Senior Vice President & Treasurer, Hilton

Blockchain is a Game-Changer!

The ability to manage and record financial transactions more efficiently in a shared environment has far-reaching benefits. Numerous use cases, proof of concepts and solutions in production provide clear indications that blockchain is a financial technology that requires attention from the corporate treasury community. Attend this session to hear blockchain experts demystify this technology. Gain insights that you can apply within your organization and examine cases of how leading companies are applying blockchain within their treasury environment.

Grainne McNamara, Principal, PwC

Mack Makode, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Mylan

Trapped Cash and Other Pitfalls of Managing Global Balances

Having global operations often leads to managing cash in multiple currencies. Global companies are challenged with maximizing use of local balances and, where advantageous, repatriating that cash to where it could be better used or invested. As regulatory and tax rates continue to evolve both domestically and internationally it is especially incumbent on treasury professionals to be nimble and adapt to the external environment, thereby maximizing the value of global operations for their companies. An expert panel discusses solutions developed by several companies to address the needs and pitfalls you can expect when managing global balances.

Tom Wolfe, CTP, Senior Director, Global Treasury, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation

Sanford Pallotta, CTP, VP, Treasurer, Rockefeller Group International, Inc.

Josh Ormond, Vice President, Liquidity Product Manager, J.P.Morgan

Role Rotation: FP&A Embraces Diversity of Thought

What skill set is needed for an effective FP&A team? All of them. A robust FP&A rotational program creates the fundamental training needed for FP&A operations while offering an overarching viewpoint many technical professionals lack. Role rotation aids in the development of diverse business partnerships, creates advocates for the group, and returns more well-rounded and commercially-focused individuals to their post-rotation role. However, it isn’t as simple as moving people in and out of the group. In this session, attendees will learn how Chesapeake Energy uses its rotational program to successfully develop individuals and create investment advisors throughout the company.

David Adams, MBA, Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis, Chesapeake Energy Corporation

John Bryan, FP&A Supervisor, Chesapeake Energy Corporation

A View from the Energy Industry: Lessons Learned on Managing Credit Risk During a Downturn

In November 2014, the Organization of Petroleum Export Countries announced that it would not cut oil production, prompting the beginning of what would become one of the largest and longest drops in oil prices ever. The result was a massive deterioration in credit quality across the oil industry that put credit managers on high alert. In this session, representatives from Gibson Energy and S&P Global Market Intelligence explore lessons learned about managing credit risk, including examples of how data and technology can be leveraged to more effectively analyze, monitor, manage and communicate credit risk; incorporating a top-down approach to managing credit, and developing a more risk-aware culture.

Kiren Singh, VP, Risk Management and Treasurer, Gibson Energy

Jim Elder, Director, Risk Services, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Scenario Planning & the Use of What-if Forecasting Models

Using rolling forecasts to integrate scenario planning can provide valuable information when making management decisions. Scenario planning allows “what-if”situations to be built into a model to produce a large array of potential outcomes, while rolling forecasts focus on agile responses from the business groups to provide an up-to-date view of the firm's financial and/or operational status and a more accurate view of the next 12 months. Attend this session to hear about the benefits of integrating these approaches into your organization.

Mark Regier, Vice President & Manager, Planning and Analysis, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Lockbox Automation Using Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Today, companies want faster e-payment reconciliation to complement the faster settlement achieved with the proliferation of payment formats such as check, ACH and wire payments. They have adopted ad-hoc strategies of adding more staff or investing in old school OCR technology, neither one of which has helped e-remittance processing develop into a scalable, cost-effective solution. In this session, join representatives of Sysco Foods to learn about their use of advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) — a superpower combination — to automate cash application across 72 different locations.

Vikram Gollakota, Client Solutions Director, HighRadius

Mike Mumford, Sr. Director of Business Technology Finance, Sysco Foods

Best Bet for Treasury Management Success: How Las Vegas Sands Selected a Global Workstation

For corporations based in the U.S. that do substantial business around the world, having a highly effective global treasury management system is imperative. In this highly tactical session, Las Vegas Sands Corporation shares best practices in selecting a global treasury management system provider, evaluating the needs of the business to develop an effective RFP, and Treasury’s collaboration with a banking treasury advisor to refine the search process. Attendees gain an understanding of the key components of the RFP, as it relates to how the new workstation supports the business today and three to five years down the road.

Barbara McCrink, CTP, Vice President, Treasury, Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Dick Sherrod, Director, Treasury Practitioner Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Successfully Implementing Rolling Forecasts

Implementing a rolling forecast is a challenge for organizations of any size, but is a strategy that better supports management decision making. This case study explores the process of applying a rolling forecast from an FP&A leader who steered her organization through this change effort and ultimately eliminated the annual budget. Discussion includes a review of best practices to avoid the common pitfalls many companies encounter and key design decision points required to successfully implement a rolling forecast.

Steve Player, Managing Director, Live Future Ready

Nevine White, Executive in Residence, Beyond Budgeting Round Table North America

Capital Efficiency for Risk Financing

Against the pressures businesses face to meet revenue and income targets, treasurers are increasingly being challenged to reevaluate their strategies and defend their choices. As risk becomes an area of board focus, treasurers must stay abreast of the key strategies and methodologies that support successful outcomes in risk management and risk transfer. Explore the questions treasurers need to ask to prudently align strategies with business objectives, optimize decisions concerning retaining and transferring risk, and ultimately build an appropriate risk finance decision making framework with analytics as a foundational element in this session.

Brian Elowe, Managing Director, US Client Executive Leader, Marsh

Steven Jones, Head of US Analytics, Managing Director, Marsh

Going Beyond Financial Literacy: Why Financial Courage is the Key to Employee Financial Wellness

Organizations have long relied on education initiatives to address employees’ financial wellness. However, new research shows strengthening employees’ financial courage is a more effective and critical approach. Hear how focusing on participant outcomes and understanding the motivation behind employee decision making can help your organization build a business case for financial wellness, identify roadblocks to engagement, and unlock keys to successful programs.

Betsy Dill, Senior Partner, US Financial Wellness Leader, Mercer

Renee McGowan, Global Leader, Individual Retirement Savings and Wellness, Mercer

When Cash Comes at a Cost: Efficient Methods for Managing Global Cash in Today's Regulatory Regime

Global regulatory reforms and policy changes continue to plague corporate cash investors. No sooner has U.S. money market reform shifted to the rearview mirror than EMEA money market reform has risen on the horizon. Whether you hold large pockets of cash overseas or not, the global cash paradigm is shifting and prompting many treasurers to rethink how they manage this important asset class. Hear from three corporate investors (at global MNCs) as they discuss regulatory and policy changes in the context of their global investment programs and describe the efficient ways they have discovered to traverse these changes.

Geoffrey Nolan, Senior Director of Investments, Qualcomm

Jamie Cortas, Director, Global Investment Management, Dell

Beccy Milchem, Director, BlackRock

Emerging Technologies and Payment Methods in the Healthcare Industry and Beyond

In today's rapidly changing healthcare market, patient expectations, regulatory requirements, new technologies and varying payment methods are driving healthcare industry service providers to respond with expanded solution sets. This expert panel will discuss how organizations are finding ways to tie emerging payment and information-sharing technologies together to serve the healthcare space. Learn how the adoption of new payment methods, including Real-time Payments, Same-day ACH and tokenized payments, is increasing value, speed and transparency for payers, providers and patients, and how growing R&D opportunities are securing methods for sharing claims data, electronic medical records and expansive clinical information.

Julie Qualiato, CTP, Senior Director, Enterprise Treasury Operations, Health Care Service Corporation

Emily Vaughn, Head of Accounts, Gem

Linda Zang, CCM, Assistant Treasurer, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Ellen Hecker, CTP, Managing Director, BNY Mellon

The Check That Would Not Die

The demise of standard checks has been projected for decades. And yet, even with the appearance of e-payments, a 2016 report from the Association for Financial Professionals shows that use of traditional paper checks is actually on the rise. Join a panel of payment experts for a humorous and entertaining look at the modernizing of "checking," along with its odds of survival amongst other payment methods, such as ACH, mobile payments — even crypto-currencies. Gain insight into use statistics of business payments, along with users’ likes and dislikes about each payment method, and learn about the latest trends and forecasts in this lively session.

Gail Angel, Division Executive, Corporate & Digital Solutions, FIS

Richard Love, CEO, AP Technology

Mark Pearson, Director, Corporate Procurement, Sony Electronics Inc.

Daniel Baum, Vice President, New Product Development at Retail Payments Office, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Deciphering the Secrets of Bank Fees: The Decryption Key for Success

The bank fee statements we receive from our banks provide us with some of the richest data to understand what is happening inside the cash management engine that is key to our treasury operation. Yet, this vital information still remains a complicated mystery in many companies. In this session, we will explore the current state of bank fee billing in the US and around the world.

Dan Gill, CTP, Senior Director, Redbridge Analytics

Building a Strategic FP&A Organization

Today, 80% of the FP&A team’s time is spent on operations and control activities and only 20% is spent on financial performance. How then can finance be the strategic partner the organization needs? This session discusses how teams can streamline the planning process, achieve greater engagement and ownership with the business, and ultimately integrate into the strategic business planning to be that strategic partner. Attendees learn the steps required to transform their work groups into a strategic finance organization, including a methodology to deconstruct the FP&A process to identify business-critical areas for optimization.

Robert Hull, Chairman & Founder, Adaptive Insights

Jon Nguyen, Vice President, Finance (FP&A), Mitchell International

Advanced Hedging Techniques for FX and Commodity Risk

Forward-thinking firms are expanding their approaches to managing currency and commodity risks. Whirlpool, McCormick, Axalta Coating Systems and Chatham Financial will share techniques that can help you reduce the cost of your programs while increasing their effectiveness. Topics covered include using efficient frontier analysis, reducing costs in emerging markets hedging, implementing dynamic commodity hedging programs and more.

Amol Dhargalkar, Managing Director, Chatham Financial

Carlos Carvalho, Treasury Director, Whirlpool Corporation

Shawn Casey, CTP, Senior International Treasury Manager, McCormick & Company, Incorporated

Brian Hewes, Treasury Director, Axalta Coating Systems

Perspectives on Liquidity Investing

Post-SEC money market fund reform, institutional cash investors have encountered challenges in investing and diversifying their cash holdings in the short-term space. Join this expert panel as they provide a background on market dynamics and share their perspectives on liquidity investing and provide best practices to support your investment practices, manage changes in market liquidity, select the right investment products and cope with a volatile regulatory environment.

Scott Wachs, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Kimberly Kelly-Lippert, CTP, Manager, Treasury Operations, American Honda Motor Company

Chris Ginieczki, Treasurer, NVIDIA Corporation

Karen Mercer, CTP, Senior Vice President & Treasurer, AARP

Securing Your Pension Promises by Mitigating Risk and Creating Shareholder Value

In 2016, $14 billion of pension benefits were secured by U.S. corporations through pension risk transfer transactions. Pension plan de-risking has become a transatlantic trend that is increasingly accepted as a sound strategic choice. This session provides attendees with multiple strategies that can positively impact their pension plans, transfer risk to insurers, and ultimately secure promised benefits Discussion also includes the potential impact of pension de-risking on your organization’s beta and valuation.

Nandini Mongia, CFO, Prudential Retirement, Prudential

Rohit Mathur, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Product and Market Solutions, Prudential Retirement

The Return of Returns: Transforming your Investment Strategy for a Nonzero Interest-Rate World

Since 2008, the decision to “sit in cash” has had little impact on the performance of treasury portfolios. But the long, cold winter of zero interest rates has begun to thaw. To capitalize on these changes, treasury teams need to: 1) develop a new investment strategy for a shifting interest-rate environment, 2) have a clear picture of the company’s liquidity position, and 3) communicate investment strategies effectively with senior leaders. Hear from the treasurer of The Carlyle Group and eBay’s head of global investments as they discuss developing their post-2008 investment policies and strategies, optimizing the treasury investment function for a non-ZIRP world, and best practices for building world-class treasury investment programs.

Dana Laidhold, CPA, Treasurer & Principal, The Carlyle Group

Zeke L. Loretto, Director Portfolio Manager Global Investments, eBay Inc.

Garret Sloan, Director, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

Fill'er Up: How Phillips 66 is Using Mobile Payments to Drive Customer a Loyalty Program

Consumers today are increasingly using mobile wallet technology to conveniently pay for goods and services. This burgeoning payment trend is highlighting the need for treasury to tap into new payment types and technologies. Phillips 66 shares best practices in adopting this technology to support brand loyalty-building efforts, and the integration of its fuel rewards program to allow customers to transact at the pump. Discover the challenges they faced in implementing this new mobile transaction technology and how it reduced their fraud liability costs.

Jim Macari, Director of Innovation, Phillips 66

Tom Nipper, Executive Director, Business Dev., Chase Paymentech Solutions

Data-driven Strategies for B2B Payments and Working Capital Management

Emerging payment technologies, elevated fraud threats, new regulations and increased globalization are significantly impacting payment and working capital management for corporates — including technology and service innovations required from the banks that serve them. Treasury and finance professionals need to know what their peers are thinking (and where they plan to focus their attention and spend) to effectively navigate these changes. An expert panel shares key research findings and provides critical insights into issues such as: preferred payment technologies and tactics for working capital optimization, and perceived risks and benefits of emerging payment types.

Craig Jeffery, CCM, Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer, LLC

Lisa Fredette, CTP, Director of Treasury, WinnCompanies

Elizabeth Ashey, Vice President of Channel Strategy, Paymode-X, Bottomline Technologies

Jennifer Sanctis, Treasury Product Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Digging Deep on Cash: A Panel Discussion on Cash Logistics Trends and Innovations

Cash remains a prevalent form of payment in the retail space today. In this engaging panel discussion, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Deloitte and Fifth Third Bank look at the macro-economic trends impacting the retail marketplace, how new payment forms are shaping the cash logistics challenge, and hot-button issues such as risks associated with accepting cash. Attendees gain invaluable insights into how to take a holistic approach to cash logistics to achieve operational efficiency and support critically important business objectives.

Andrew Teachout, Business Analysis Manager, Starbucks Corporation

Michelle Fabela, Treasury Manager, Nordstrom, Inc.

Sankat Patel, SVP Regional Director - Treasury Management, Fifth Third Bank

Lucilla Rastelli, Senior Manager, Deloitte Advisory

Leverage the Cloud Services Without Sacrificing Security!

Globally, treasury professionals are leveraging the cloud for daily operations. With its acceptance comes concerns about data confidentiality, security, access and control issues. Attend this session to learn about the security factors you need to consider when planning to incorporate a cloud-hosted (Active Service Provider (ASP) solution for any application. Discover the concerns and perceived risks of an ASP and find out how you can leverage the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing security.

Mohan Murali, President and CEO, Axletree Solutions Inc.

Larry Mills, Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Travelers

Policy Changes and Their Effect on the U.S. Economic and Financial Outlook

For corporate treasurers and other financial professionals, the economic outlook is almost always top of mind. The ability to get a handle on the economy’s underlying fundamentals and the potential impacts of fiscal and monetary policy changes are critical to forecasting and financial risk management. In this session, the Wells Fargo economics team provides a two-year outlook for economic growth, a review of economic conditions and changes that will affect the overall economy, and the underlying conditions that have led to calls for change regarding tax, regulatory, trade and monetary policies.

Mark Vitner, Managing Director and Senior Economist, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

Driving Value for a TMS Pre- & Post-implementation

There are many factors that deserve consideration when considering the purchase of a treasury management solution and successful implementation of the software. This panel discussion will reveal how to implement a TMS from start to finish, allowing for a rollout that is on time, on budget, and positively perceived throughout your organization. From selling the idea to management to ensuring specific data point requirements interface successfully with your back-office system, the panel will provide valuable insight toward ensuring that your treasury system vendor becomes a partner, and your treasury department becomes a strategic function post-implementation.

Andrew Blair, Account Manager, G Treasury SS, LLC

Susan Schuetz, CTP, VP Treasury, Waterton

Katlyn Lilly, CTP, Staff Analyst - Banking & Investments, Horace Mann Companies

Navigating the Payments Landscape: Reducing Payment Fraud and Leveraging Real-time Payments with Open APIs

Corporate treasurers need to overcome challenges such as payments fraud and cash visibility and also take advantage of the latest trends in payments such as real-time payments and open API’s. Real-time payments empower organizations to pay suppliers quicker, helping the supplier to expedite delivery of goods or services sooner. Open APIs (or application programming interfaces) help facilitate the reality of real-time payments between banks, corporations and corporate customers. This session will also discuss what the Revised Payments Service Directive (PSD2) will mean for European banks and what implications this may have on the U.S. market. Attend this session to hear how one corporate has centralized and standardized their payments workflow and how they are leading the charge to real-time payments by linking their systems to their banks’ API.

Jay Hesse, Director of Treasury Operations, Emerson Electric Co.

Andres Ken Shuyama, Vice President, International Treasury, FIS

Addressing Cash Forecast Challenges

Setting up a direct cash forecast can be challenging. First, FP&A plans and forecasts tend to be accrual-based, and getting providers to supply cash-based forecasts can be onerous. Second, a 13-week forecast requires weekly inputs for both forecasts and actuals. Third, good systems need to exist to provide cuts of the data that help to compare variances and improve forecasts. Attend this session to learn how to get around these challenges, including the use of inputs from people rather than systems to drive home accountability, weekly presentations and analyses of the forecasts to highlight risks and potential upsides, and close coordination with FP&A to reconcile differences to the company plan and leverage inputs.

Saumya Mohan, Americas Region Treasurer, Tesla Inc.

Delegation of Leadership, Not Delegation of Duties

With treasury teams being tapped to do more with less, senior management is forced to delegate projects to members of the team. This delegation should not be viewed solely as a delegation of duties or assignments, but rather, a delegation of leadership. With this perspective, young talent can be inspired to reach their potential while allowing senior management to focus on more strategic treasury initiatives, potentially leading to the higher retention of key value-add individuals. Attend this session to hear a client’s perspective on the challenges and benefits of identifying and developing emerging leaders within their treasury teams.

Seth Brener, Head Corporate Cash Management Sales Americas, Deutsche Bank

Simon Baker, Treasurer, Fox Entertainment Group

Successfully Deploying Digital Payments in a Global Economy

Faster payments are coming. Are you ready? In this session, ADP shares best practices for successfully deploying digital payments around the globe. Examine regional considerations regarding the kinds of due diligence, risk parameters, KYC, AML, and settlement attributes that must be factored into the integration. Review specifics by region and identify successful program commonalities. Explore the practical rules, trends and format integration necessary, as well as exception handling and fraud incidence. Learn how digital payment usage reduces risk by migrating to electronic, thus shortening the settlement window, and discover best practices in timed deployment and the strategies leveraged to achieve high success rates.

Timothy Smallow, Senior Treasury Manager, Amazon

Steven Bernstein, Executive Director, Electronic Payments Market Manager, J.P. Morgan Chase

Rene Pelegero, President and Managing Director, Retail Payments Global Consulting Group LLC

Unlocking the Power of Storytelling in Business

Do most Hollywood movies grab and hold your attention more than the typical meeting or PowerPoint presentation? If you answered yes, that’s because good moviemakers understand storytelling. The same story elements that make movies engrossing can be effectively used in business to make complex ideas easy to understand — and to inspire people to act. Learning how to properly integrate stories into your communications will increase your influence and transform your professional effectiveness. Attend this session and discover how to adapt basic elements of effective storytelling to business and learn techniques that will help you understand your audience and maximize your impact.

John Sanchez, Managing Director, The FPA Group

Success Story of FP&A Leading the Analytics Revolution by Escaping Data Drudgery

Spending 80% or more of your time creating advanced models leaves little remaining to develop the actionable insights and metrics that shape your organization’s strategy. FP&A professionals have a unique knowledge of business and data that puts them in a position to drive strategy, but many feel that they’re hampered by an excel nightmare when trying to link data from multiple sources. Attendees of this session walk away with strategies for expanding their team’s ability to quickly produce insights, analytics, metrics, and dashboards for all levels of the organization.

Jonathan Crane, FP&A, Senior Manager FPA, Hamilton Company

Khaled Chowdhury, FP&A, Corporate FP&A Manager, KMG Chemicals

The Politics of Cash Repatriation

Under the current administration, the possibility of another cash repatriation has increased. In view of this, corporate treasury and tax teams should be strategically aligned with the business growth plan. Attend this session to gain a greater understanding of the cash and liquidity impact of a mandatory tax on unrepatriated foreign earnings, changes to the funding and cash management strategies if the tax preference for debt is eliminated, and how the legal entity structure and its geographic location would apply to financial transactions. Prepare for this anticipated event with a review of the potential tax and treasury approach and how it can be applied today.

Gregory Reddy, Sr. Director, Corporate Treasury, Avery Dennison

Justin Weiss, Partner, Tax, KPMG LLP

Thomas Schwarb, Director, Market & Treasury Risk Advisory, KPMG LLP

Secrets to Reconciling Bank Statements Globally

Many corporations struggle with reconciling bank statements globally, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn from Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) and Elire on how they were able to successfully establish a solution to this common treasury pain point using their existing global treasury system. This case study showcases the details of this complex integration of multiple-source systems used to centralize a single reconciliation point, which includes the global rollout of Book-to-Bank reconciliation for the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Christopher Wieghaus, Director - Treasury Operations, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

Michael Leyvi, Head of Corporate Systems, Financial Information Services (FIS), Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Karen Willis, CTP, Partner/CFO, Elire Inc.

Making the Concept of Data Work for your Treasury

While “big data” and “data analytics” have become industry buzzwords, the practice to effectively utilize in-house data to make decisions is gaining traction. Treasury is progressively utilizing sophisticated forecasting tools and artificial intelligence to anticipate and manage risks, and is leveraging its primary banking relationships as a means to uncover opportunities to improve efficiency and benchmark their competitors. From the perspectives of both treasuries and banking partners, the goal is to transform data into insights and business prioritization. Attend this session to find out how treasury professionals are leveraging data-driven resources to significantly increase operating and financial efficiency.

Catherine Portman, VP, Treasurer & Finance Operations, Juniper Networks, Inc.

Martin Schlageter, Head of Treasury Operations, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Laurence Brouillette, CTP, Assistant Vice President, Global Market Management, Citigroup Inc.

Navigating Your Career in the 21st Century

Navigating one's career is more important than ever and the pace of change requires new skills, stronger networks and open mindedness. Learn to better manage your career by networking, how to redefine and rebrand yourself, and how to leverage technology in a 21st century career. A panel of industry experts discuss their career progression and career advancement with insights as to what worked, what didn't work, and how they overcame obstacles, providing attendees with impactful networking strategies and techniques.

Lynne Marlor, Managing Director, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon

Nicole Meyer, Managing Partner, The Meyer Partnership

James Gilligan, CTP, FP&A, Assistant Treasurer, Great Plains Energy Incorporated

Managing FX Risk through Various Company Lifecycles

Companies at different lifecycles, from early stage multi-nationals to mature Fortune 500 companies, have significantly different needs when it comes to managing their FX risk — and vastly different internal resources available to address them. Whether managing FX risk is a portion of one person's job, or there is a dedicated FX team within a large Treasury department, there are a number of best practices for any company to consider. Learn the best approaches to efficiently address the FX risk management requirements at each lifecycle, and how to build a foundation in FX risk management that can grow with your company in this session.

Scott Bilter, CFO, Atlas Risk Advisory LLC

Greg Murphy, Senior Treasury Manager, Keysight Technologies, Inc.

The Evolution of Target Date Funds: How to Optimize Your Company's Strategy

Currently, the majority of net positive cash flows in 401(k)s are flowing into target date funds (TDF), a trend that is likely to continue, if not accelerate, in the future. For many participants, the target date fund may be their only holding for their retirement nest egg; therefore, it’s imperative for companies to review their TDF strategy to ensure it’s in alignment with their participants' needs. Explore the current regulatory environment around TDFs, the Department of Labor’s plans for reviewing compliance, how to compare funds and determine the suitability of your plan, and why this matters to your executive team.

Kendall Frederick, CTP, FP&A, Senior Manager, Enterprise Risk Management, Hanesbrands Inc.

Brian Tiemann, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Todd Solomon, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Dana Brown, Senior Investment Consultant, Willis Towers Watson

Using Metrics That Matter to Justify Investments in Treasury Technology

Selecting and defining KPIs for treasury is essential to proving its value. Without the right metrics in place, it is difficult for corporates to determine the efficacy of their treasury operations or to identify the return on their technology investments. Learn about treasury KPIs that are common across all industries and why benchmarking KPIs against your peers matters in this informative session.

Cindy Newton, CPA, System Director of Banking Operations, Baylor Scott & White Health

Tracey Ferguson Knight, Director, Solutions Consulting, ION Treasury

Craig Jeffery, CCM, Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer, LLC

Processing Payments Securely in a Digital World

In today's digital world, securely processing merchant service payments seems like an impossible feat. Advances in technology have improved the methods and convenience of accepting credit transactions, but it has also increased the complexity and exposure to fraud. Join this panel for a discussion of the challenges faced by one such business, Cincinnati Bell, in securely storing card information and processing pre-authorizations that resulted in a high number of declinations. Acquire best practices for processing payments and implementing fraud-detection tools that result in less declinations and a more secure method of storing cardholder information.

Frank Leone, CTP, Senior Vice President - Treasury Management, Capital One Bank

Bill Cohn, Head of Product, eCommerce, Vantiv

Mark Kemen, Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager, Cincinnati Bell Inc.

Superheroes Battling the Villains of the Dark Web

When it comes to card payments, the issuer is often pitted against the merchant in the battle between merchant discount rates and interchange fees. What both sides can agree on is that the cost of fraud is the blithe of the industry, with issuers and merchants struggling to remain one step ahead of fraudsters. Attend this session to gain a greater understanding of what issuers and merchants are really doing to mitigate fraud on a transaction-by-transaction basis, and discover the hidden battles taking place between fraudsters lurking on the dark web and the superheroes who want to stop them.

Eugene Smith, Vice President & Treasurer, Smart & Final Stores, Inc.

Diane Kush, Vice President / Commercial Card Product Manager, MUFG Union Bank, N.A.

Kevin Bramlett, Vice President, MUFG Union Bank

Frontline First! Balancing Traditional and Innovative Options to Capture In-store Customer Payments

The challenges associated with managing payments in today's retail environment can be daunting. Effectively handling and tracking cash receipts, collecting funds by traditional methods — and understanding the current state of financial partners and solution dynamics for managing the traditional receipt options — as well as taking advantage of the ever-evolving new payment technologies demands a cohesive strategy. Review the options and discuss best practices for creating an enterprise-wide vision and strategy, and learn how to best manage these challenges and take advantage of the many opportunities available in the retail payment collection environment in this timely session.

Adam Kruis, Vice President, Working Capital Consultant, U.S. Bank

Susan Colross, Director, Treasury Operations, T-Mobile USA Inc.

Supercharging Strategic Finance: Aligning Corporate Strategy Using Modified ZBB

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) faced a serious challenge: how to create a system that accommodates multiple business units with vastly different outcome measures; a multi-year R&D process that doesn’t fit in to a traditional budgeting framework; and management tools that are accepted and utilized by staff, senior management, and the Board. What they developed was a budgeting and analytic framework that solved a complex institutional problem. Discover how they did it as the IMA presents their case study — based on a unique set of internally-developed tools (Business Unit Analysis 2.0) that integrates a modified zero-based budgeting process with an FP&A framework — in this highly informative session.

Hannah Harris, Financial Analyst, Indianapolis Museum of Art

Jeremiah Wise, CFO, Indianapolis Museum of Art

Treasury Management in Asia

Corporates have always viewed Asia through a liquidity lens; however, the pace of regulatory and digital changes at the country-level, beyond liquidity, provides many opportunities to increase cash management efficiency. Asia is seen as a growth region by many corporates, with significant GDP growth rates in China, India, and Indonesia as a few examples. Attend this discussion of treasury management in Asia to learn why corporate treasuries are focusing on how to most efficiently optimize operational working capital market-by-market, as well as how to keep up with regulatory changes regarding onshore markets — clearing, digitalization of payments, expansion of banking to cover the previously unbanked.

Brian King, Treasurer, Intuitive Surgical

Suman Chaki, Head of Corporate Cash Management Sales, APAC, Deutsche Bank

Justin Caulfield, Deputy Treasurer, AIG

Managing Newly Acquired Companies: Best Practices

Whether you’re a financial sponsor acquiring a portfolio company or a corporate growing through acquisition, newly-acquired companies pose a myriad of challenges and uncertainties. Join this expert panel as they share their experiences managing acquisitions, attesting to the fact that no two are alike. The discussion will include: managing and overcoming key challenges to the new company’s financial needs, identifying and mitigating exposures of the acquired company, and ensuring controls are in place for all bank accounts.

Lynne Maxeiner, Vice President, Global Treasury and Investor Relations, Vertiv

Lee Beasley, SVP, Treasury Operations, CIT Bank

Jon Scott, Managing Director, PMC Treasury

Forecast Accurately in Uncertain Times

Ensuring the accuracy of forecasts is not only achievable, but critical to building credibility with investors. All industries experience uncertainty and volatility and the Oil & Gas industry is no different with prices ranging between $108 and $26 per barrel in recent years. This session discusses the application of analytics and proven tools to improve the accuracy of forecasts with a focus on accountability and performance management to deliver results. Attendees walk away with best practices for creating accurate forecasts in the face of uncertainty that include the application of the balanced scorecard and execution tree tools.

Antonio Morales, CTP, Director, FP&A Latin America, Baker Hughes Incorporated

Mind Over Matters: Putting the Psychology of Organizational Change to Work for You

Change is constant, and within Treasury, this can prove to be extremely challenging. According to McKinsey & Company, about 70% of all changes in organizations fail. This session exams the core concepts of change management, enlisting and aligning stakeholders, and effective engagement strategies. Attendees walk away with seven steps and practical tips for leading their teams through change; focusing on its psychological impact and why people respond and react the way they do.

Will Sutton, EVP, Director, The BB&T Leadership Institute

How Health Care Service Corporation Transformed Treasury Into a Best Practices Treasury

What does a best practices treasury team look like in 2017? At Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), best practices are not just an objective but a business culture driven from the top down. HCSC’s treasury teammates are expected to be subject-matter experts in cash management, capital efficiency, and bank relationship management. A panel of treasury executives discusses the importance of striving for best practices and shares examples of their resulting treasury successes.

Forrest Vollrath, CTP, Executive Director Treasury Operations, Health Care Service Corporation

Bob Stark, Vice President, Strategy, Kyriba

David Deranek. CTP, Director, Enterprise Treasury Operations, Health Care Service Corporation

Making "Uber Payments": Low-Value/High-Volume Payments Into Emerging and Difficult Markets

As a global high-tech company, Uber interacts with numerous developing markets that lack the ability to effectively make or process low-value/high-volume payments within a reasonable settlement time. Treasury teams must attempt to navigate payment systems that are slow, unscalable, and ultimately unsustainable. Attend this session to learn how Uber faced these demands head-on, and the insights they gained into what it takes to manage challenging markets with both internal teams and external partners.

David Tao, Treasury Manager, Uber

ISO 20022 Live: A Successful Case Study

The U.S. wire payment networks are marching toward ISO 20022 as a payment format standard. We often hear that ISO 20022 is being utilized by U.S. global corporations, but are unclear as about the specific uses, decisions for implementing and the path to implementation. Attend this session to learn about various ISO 20022 initiatives underway among the U.S. payment networks and the challenges and gains of a collaborative ISO 20022 initiative between Cigna and Regions Bank. Find out how their experiences can be applied to your organization and the benefits of implementing an ISO 20022 program.

Scott Lambert, CCM, Treasury Senior Director, Cigna

Jeffrey Taylor, CTP, SVP, Group Product Manager, Regions Bank

Sharon Jablon, AAP, Director, Product Specialist, The Clearing House

The B2B Directory Comes to Market

B2B e-payments have the potential to streamline payment operations by enabling straight through processing in the OTC cycle. The challenge for payers and payees is the ease of sharing the critical payment routing details. The B2B Directory offers an industrywide solution to this conundrum. Learn how the concept progressed from proof of concept to reality and explore the potential a central directory has for improving other underlying challenges, such as e-invoicing. A must for corporate treasurers and controllers, this session will show you how to leverage the B2B Directory to improve payment processing and consult with your banks and service providers to enable early adoption of the B2B Directory.

Lawrence Buettner, Senior Vice President - Innovation, WAUSAU Financial Services

Anita Patterson, CTP, Treasury Professional, Retired

Gail Angel, Division Executive, Corporate & Digital Solutions Program Management, FIS

Want to Improve Payables Processes? Don’t Forget to Invite Procurement to the Dance

Silos within organizations can be an impediment to the development of innovative solutions. However, when open to cross-functional collaboration, success is possible. This is the case at MGM Resorts International where procurement, accounts payable and treasury, partnered to understand each area’s goals and objectives Hear MGM’s perspective on how their initiatives resulted in extended payment terms, the cooperation of suppliers, and enhanced revenue-share economics to achieve a more effective payment process and learn from their efforts to automate AP processes and the move from checks to timelier electronic payments.

Amanda Prochaska, Vice President Procurement PMO, MGM Resorts International

Robert Hern, Managing Director. Card/Payables, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Managing Liquidity Through a Downturn: Tackling Challenges Together with Your Bank for Win/Win Results

During the rapid decline of oil prices in early 2015, energy companies and service providers were forced to respond and prepare for the unexpected: at Gibson Energy, the Treasury department proactively assessed financial alternatives to preserve their balance sheet. By understanding key drivers and risks they were able to find win-win solutions that provided Gibson with the financial flexibility to weather the downturn while still protecting the bank syndicate’s balance sheets. Hear about the key drivers of success and lessons that can be applied to companies experiencing financial challenges, negotiating with lenders, or exploring/implementing complex financial strategies.

Kiren Singh, VP Risk Management & Treasurer, Gibson Energy Inc.

Beth Pollock, Assistant Treasurer, Gibson Energy Inc.

Michael Gaudet, Managing Director, Corporate Banking, RBC Capital Markets

The Customer Centric Treasury

The role of treasurer and corporate treasury continues its expansion from transaction processing center to strategic leader. To meet this challenge, treasurers have to become effective at working with their counterparts in corporate and business units to provide strategic advice on M&A deals, improve supplier finance, lead tax operations and perform other functions that require a more holistic view of the organization. This session explores how a variety of treasury organizations have navigated this strategic shift, and reviews case studies to find out how they managed the mix of organizational structure, technology and skill sets that make such a broad strategic mandate work.

Scott Graham, CTP, Dir.- Treasury & Risk Mgmt., CareSource

JoseLuis Vilchis, Management Treasury Consultant, Accenture

Help! I Have Unauthorized Access to my Global Bank Accounts!

Having unauthorized users access your company's bank accounts is a disaster. As global and national companies go through mergers, spin-offs, joint venture-creations and large reorganizations or acquisitions, they are faced with a myriad of risks. Achieving full control and visibility of user-access rights helps you reduce the risk of internal fraud or misuse of company data. Join this session to gain practical advice and examples of how a large corporation eliminated most risks associated with global user-access rights and achieved strategic objectives such as account rationalization and payment centralization.

Tarek Elyafi, Managing Director, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

Gregory Russo, Managing Director, Treasury Operations, GE Treasury

Creating Your Currency Risk Management and Controls in a Dynamic Atmosphere

The Duracell International Inc. team quickly established a currency exposure management program after the deal with P&G and Berkshire Hathaway. In this dynamic atmosphere, they were forced to create the proper controls, collaboration within the entire organization, data integrity, and a finance IT structure to manage operations worldwide. Learn how the entire team managed these challenges and met their goals in a discussion led by Mary Gilbert.

Mary Gilbert, Treasurt Manager, The Duracell Company

Fikre Bizuneh, Director of Risk Analysis, FiREapps

Integrated Business Planning: Connecting Finance and Operations

Achieving and maintaining a truly connected organization requires you to make quick course corrections while maintaining organizational alignment and meeting investor expectations. Integrated enterprise planning, the next generation of real time, is helping companies operate with more speed, precision, and collaboration. Learn about how DaVita Kidney Care orchestrated an integrated business planning approach across Finance and Operations, and explore how your company can, by starting small and taking it one step at a time, ultimately up-level the people, processes, and technology that allow you to pivot rapidly to meet shifting business demands.

Brannan Schell, Director, Finance Innovation Team, DaVita Kidney Care

Why Diversity is Good for the Bottom Line

Studies confirm that greater innovation and creativity result from teams comprised of culturally and socially diverse people. A McKinsey study showed that “Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.” This session discusses how treasury and finance leaders can grow and maintain diverse teams and why having a strong diversity and inclusion mandate from the top of the house down helps employees feel connected to their business, to their clients and to driving revenue for the firm.

Jenifer Herdin, CTP, VP International Treasury, Viacom, Inc.

Kathleen Yaccarino, Americas Head of Implementations and Client Service, Corporate Cash Management, Deutsche Bank

Choosing the Optimal Treasury Management System in the Changing Vendor Landscape

Selecting a Treasury Management System (TMS) while staying abreast of changes within the vendor landscape can be overwhelming for treasury professionals. Further amplifying this challenge is the ever-present cloud and newer deployment options, which can potentially reduce cost, complexity and commitment. This session guides attendees through the process of selecting the optimal TMS for the long-term and examines the reasons to avoid frequent changes.

Paul Bramwell, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Driving More AP/Vendor Payments to Commercial Cards

Using commercial cards for AP/vendor payments has obvious benefits, including the precise timing of payments, more control over cash flow, cash extension by two weeks or more, valuable rebates and cash back. Banks benefit, too, from significant new interchange fee income, lower payment fraud, and more loyal customers. But driving change is hard, and translating vision and opportunity into reality can be quite challenging. Join this panel of experienced practitioners as they share valuable lessons learned and critical pitfalls to avoid when helping drive AP/vendor payments onto commercial credit cards.

BC Krishna, President and CEO, MineralTree

Frank DiPuma, Jr., CTP, Manager, Corpororate Treasury Products and Strategy, Zions Bancorporation

Justin King, Senior Director, Partnerships, Visa

Securing the Far-Flung Corners of Your Organization

In 2016, Masco Corporation formed a cross-functional fraud committee to identify and counteract fraud attempts across the procure-to-pay cycle. It achieved this by creating a structure to identify new forms of fraud around the globe on an ongoing basis and determine how that information could best be communicated and enforced via education and technology tools. Discover how Masco built their fraud-detection structure, why certain decisions were made, how they included stakeholders and anticipated problems before they experienced any significant losses, and their continued efforts to minimize all forms of financial fraud wherever they may occur.

Marcel Santiz, CTP, Director, Treasury, Masco Corp.

M&A Through the Treasury Lens

Increased worldwide M&A activity has directly impacted the treasurer. Treasury is no longer viewed as a group of traditional number-crunchers or money movers. Whether it’s pre-acquisition financing, capital structure or post-acquisition integration to achieve synergies and efficiencies, treasury is increasingly being tapped as strategic advisors and partners in M&A transactions. Experience the journey, the pressure and the secrets of success from practitioners who have been on both sides of the equation in this insightful session.

Kelvin Ang, Americas Head, Treasury Advisory Group, Citi

Tamara Saront-Eisner, CTP, Vice President, Americas Regional Treasurer, Air Liquide

Elaine Lou, Assistant Vice President, Treasury Services, AT&T

Cash Forecasting: A Free Cash Flow Perspective

Traditionally, corporate treasuries have leveraged short-term cash flow forecasting for liquidity management. However, in the wake of the financial crisis, the investor community has increased its focus on cash, and free cash flow (FCF) has become a critical metric for companies to target and achieve. This session provides an overview of an FCF program, including forecasting methodologies (top-down vs. bottom-up), tools, techniques, time horizons and stakeholders. Discussion includes the role treasury can play and how it can add value to the program, typical challenges faced and ways to address them, and the presentation of a recent case study from a Fortune 50 technology company.

Naman Kuwadia, CTP, Director, PwC

Victor Grado, CTP, Vice President Treasury Operations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

John Covey, Director, PwC

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Foreign Exchange Risk Management: A Practical Framework To Evaluate Alternatives

Currency risk has senior management’s attention. Given pending changes to hedge accounting standards, all international corporations have reason to revisit their hedging policies. The most challenging considerations for treasury include: 1) how to effectively evaluate their risk management program, 2) the benefits and costs of strategy alternatives, and 3) how to communicate these internally. Acquire a practical framework for reviewing your company’s FX risk management policies that combines risk measurement and cost assessment to determine the relative cost-efficiency of risk management alternatives in this important session.

Tony Capozzoli, Director, Deutsche Bank

Ming Huey, Manager, Global Treasury, Salesforce